Wedding Photo Shoot Package Information


Thank you for your interest in AJ.Goreham Photography. Like most couples, you have been waiting and preparing for this day to come for a while! Our goal as your wedding photographers is not to add anymore stress for you on your special day. Every love story is unique and our goal is to capture your story as you would like to remember it. Meeting ahead of time and being on the same page is the key to getting wedding photos that you. AJ.Goreham Photography shoots every wedding with two photographers. This allows for more candid photos, which often tend to be the best. Unlike other packages with AJ.Goreham Photography, wedding packages are the only packages that are based on time. You have 4 package options as described below. Remember, if you have a unique idea AJ.Goreham Photography is always willing to create a custom package. 


Package #1 (4 HOURS): $1000

Package #2 (6 HOURS): $1500

Package #3 (10 HOURS): $2,500

Package #4 (12 HOURS): $3,000













Printing and Ordering:

When printing and ordering you have two options to pick from no matter what package you select.

  1. Order prints directly from your gallery at AJ.Goreham Photography. You have dozens of options to choose from and photos are mailed directly to your home. AJ.Goreham Photography uses professional photos labs. 
  2. You can purchase a USB with the rights to your photos. A custom made USB drive along with a letter stating you have purchased the rights to your photos will be mailed directly to you. You will also be able to download the high resolution photos directly to your computer, phones, or other electronic devices. (USB + Download Option: $200)














 ** Payment due at time of Service. **