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(Length of Sessions: Determined by Client)


Thank you for your interest in AJ.Goreham Photography. Let AJ.Goreham Photography help your business or organization grow by producing exceptional pictures that highlight what your business has to offer. AJ.Goreham Photography will meet with you and/or your design team to work together to make sure the photos you get are inline with your organization's vision. There are no hidden fees or costs. The contracted rate includes: time spent shooting, time spending editing, and purchasing the rights to your photos. There is no limit to how many photos your organization gets. 




                                 Your package includes: 

                                 1.  Each photo session designed to meet your organizations needs.

                                 2.  NO photo limit. Your organization will have access to ALL good photos.

                                           A.  All photos are edited using photo editing software.

                                           B.  The goal of photo editing is to enhance photo quality.  

                                  3.  Multiple locations for photo shoot:

                                           A.  Organization's headquarters

                                           B.  Project sites

                                   4.  USB Drive with photos.

                                   5.  Client's rights to photos.

                                   6.  Secured online access to proofs and ordering options.